What is VENDIFY?
VENDIFY is a unique smart fridge system, that allows you to pick up your favourite on-the-go food.
How does it work?
To start using VENDIFY - download VENDIFY app, add payment card.

To start buying food - open the fridge door, choose and take the products you want, close the fridge door.

The purchase amount will be automatically paid from your payment card.

That's how it works!
How are VENDIFY smart fridge different from vending machines?
VENDIFY smart fridge is able for customers to take and check food items quality, ingredients and freshness before deciding to purchase it. Take your food out of the fridge and shut the door - VENDIFY smart fridge will know what you took and charge accordingly.
Who are VENDIFY food suppliers?
VENDIFY food suppliers are local restaurants, food manufacturing and distribution companies, which produces and offers fresh, healthy and wholesome food.
How do you provide and track food freshness and safety?
All VENDIFY food suppliers are registered with the national food safety authorities to guarantee delivered food items safety.
All VENDIFY food items in a smart fridge have tags which contain basic information about the items, including the expiration date. VENDIFY smart fridge continuously checks items expiration date to be sure of food freshness.
VENDIFY smart fridges are set to operate at 3 to 4 °C, this parameter is constantly monitored: if the product storage temperature is violated, the VENDIFY refrigerator automatically stops selling the products.
Can buyers influence the content of the VENDIFY smart fridge for their needs?
When we install a VENDIFY smart fridge in a new location, the fridge is filled with a standard product range - healthy meals, snacks, drinks and groceries to satisfy different customers' needs. The following content of each fridge is based on the - customer purchase habits principle - fridge content follows to more purchased products.
How do you ensure that expired food items are not being sold?
VENDIFY smart fridge system continuously checks items tags which contain product expiration date information. All products are removed from VENDIFY refrigerators at least one day before the expiration date of the product.
What are payment methods?
Payments can be made only through VENDIFY app.

Currently the only payment method available is - payment card which customer is added in VENDIFY app.
How to make payment for purchase?
All payments are made automatically when you close the fridge door. The purchase amount will be paid from your payment card which is added in your VENDIFY app profile.
How do I know that all items taken out of the VENDIFY smart fridge are charged accordingly?
VENDIFY smart fridge track and record all the items that enter and leave a smart fridge. Once the door closes, all of the items that are removed from the fridge are charged and payment is automatically deducted from your payment card which is added in your VENDIFY app profile.
What should I do to install a VENDIFY smart fridge in my location?
It's simple. Just contact us - and let`s VENDIFY.
What formats of VENDIFY smart fridges are available?
VENDIFY smart fridge solution is currently applied to a single-door fridge and two-door fridge.
What kind of products can be sold in a VENDIFY smart fridge?
VENDIFY sells food - healthy meals, salads, snacks, drinks and groceries (on-the-go food).
We sell only packed food.
How to become a VENDIFY food supplier?
All products VENDIFY sells must comply with our and customer needs and values - fresh, healthy and wholesome food.

Have fresh food? Contact us to sell your delicious food to more people.